This house holds a twisted evil and looks forward to unleashing its evil on those wandering in. Its inhabitants, The Pendergast family, enjoys tormenting and punishing any visitors after robbing them and taking anything valuable they may hold. Without any fear of the authorities, they have been rumored responsible for dozens of deaths and linked to countless missing persons.

When interstate 95 was built, the results devastated small businesses along Route 301 in Hanover County. Amongst the most brutal hit were the Pendergast family, who owned the Inn and the general store, which they lived above. People in Hanover County had stayed clear of the Pendergast family before their economic distress. There had been reports of people who disappeared while staying at the inn, but nothing concrete had ever been proven. After the interstate went in, the Pendergasts lost the inn, and the general store, the Pendergasts had never moved out and are believed to still reside there. 

Once the traffic had died down on Route 301, drag racing became popular. Spray-painted lines had been made in front of the inn, the starting point, and the general store, the ending. One driver, The Phantom, who drove a blue flamed Dodge, was rumored to have never lost a race. No one knew The Phantom's identity, but it was rumored he was AWOL from the U.S. Army. One Friday night, two boys challenged The Phantom to a race. The two cars speed down Route 301, neck and neck.

Carl Pendergast chased a rabbit that he was fixing on making for dinner into the road. As the drivers got closer to the store, Carl was on the road. The Phantom slammed on his brakes and narrowly missed hitting him. The two boys, however, didn't even see him. Their car collided with Carl sending him into the ditch. The Phantom burst from his car and got the two boys to help him carry Carl into the back of the general store. The boys didn't even notice that the general store had been converted into living quarters. It was apparent to the boys they were in a room with what looked like a makeshift operating table.

As they got him on the table, an older lady showed up and started screaming at The Phantom that she knew his racing would get one of his siblings hurt. She yelled at him, he best fix up his brother at all cost, or she was going to make him pay deeply.  The two boys decided they were done in the creepy makeshift house but hadn't noticed Owen, Carl's other brother, had crept up behind them.

The crowd at the Inn noticed that the cars had stopped, and some went to check what was happening. As they got close to the old general store, they heard ear-piercing screams and ran off. The rest of the crowd dissipated as the sheriff's deputy's sirens could be heard in the distance. The Pendergast family is still believed to live inside the general store, and there are often reports of missing people in the area. Occasionally, a thrill seeker will try to enter the general store to find out if the Pendergast family is still inside. But none have been heard from since.

            Getting into the old general store is easy, it's the getting out that is hell...
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This place is definitely haunted anyway. Add a bunch of disturbing old stuff all around you, and a murder mystery you have to solve to escape, and it’s a perfect combination for a unique outing with your friends! We will be back to try again and definitely in October for the haunt. Thanks for the fun challenge!

Kara D.

Awesome escape room, had a great time. Was pretty creepy and challenging. Was well worth it. Can't wait to go back again. and also try out the haunted house in near Halloween!

Jason T.

This place has been carefully and meticulously thought through. The time, effort, and care the guys running this place have put into it, certainly shows in the experience. They truly enjoy the challenge of making an enjoyable yet challenging experience, and truly have a love for horror and paranormal. 12 out of 10 would recommend this on your list of escape rooms, or haunt experiences! Can not wait to see the full haunted experience when Halloween comes around!

Ian R.

We love escape rooms and haunted attractions so this definitely caught our attention! And this place does not disappoint! It was difficult and we didn’t make it out however that didn’t have any affect on the fun we had. The set was the best I’ve seen. It’s done so well that it gives you a truly immersive experience. We’ve done several “scary” escape experiences but this has been the ONLY one to actually SCARE ME! The puzzles were definitely difficult. Some more so than others. There were 7 in our group and at no time did we have anyone off to the side doing nothing. Everyone stayed busy the entire hour. There is so much to find and explore! The staff is awesome! Super friendly and made us feel right at home. They have a true passion what they do and it shows! I also appreciate the time, dedication, hard work and attention to detail. I honestly don’t think we’ve ever had that much fun in an escape room! This was an awesome experience and I can’t wait to come back !

Lindsey B.

My party of 4 visited today and had a blast. We did not make it out but definitely did not ruin the experience. By far the creepiest escape room we’ve been to. The staff is awesome and friendly as well. We will be back for the haunt this fall for sure.

Justin E.