Escape Room Experience



           This house holds a twisted evil and looks forward to unleashing its nefarious ways on those wandering in. Its inhabitants, The Pendergast family, enjoys tormenting and punishing visitors after robbing them of their valuables.  Without any fear of the authorities, they have been rumored responsible for dozens of deaths and linked to countless missing persons.

         When interstate 95 was built, the results devastated small businesses along Route 301 in Hanover County. Amongst the most brutal hit were the Pendergast family, who owned the Inn and the general store, which they lived above. People in Hanover County had stayed clear of the Pendergast family before their economic distress. There had been reports of people who disappeared while staying at the inn, but nothing concrete had ever been proven. After the interstate went in, the Pendergast closed the inn, and the general store, the Pendergast has never moved out and are believed to still reside there. 

         Once the traffic had died down on Route 301, drag racing became popular. Spray-painted lines had been made in front of the inn, the starting point, and the general store, the ending point. One driver, the Phantom, who drove a blue flamed Dodge, was rumored to have never lost a race. No one knows the Phantom's identity, but it was rumored he was AWOL from the U.S. Army. One Friday night, two boys challenged The Phantom to a race. The two cars sped down Route 301, neck and neck.

        That evening Carl Pendergast was chasing a rabbit for dinner and wondered into the road.  As the drivers got closer to the store, the Phantom slammed on his brakes and narrowly missed hitting him. The two boys, however, didn't even see him. Their car collided with Carl sending him into the ditch. The Phantom burst from his car and got the two boys to help him carry Carl into the back of the general store. The boys didn't even notice that the general store had been converted into living quarters. It was apparent to the boys they were in a room with what looked like a makeshift operating table.

        As they got him on the table, an older lady showed up and started screaming at The Phantom that she knew his racing would get one of his siblings hurt. She yelled at him, you best fix up your brother at all cost, or she was going to make him pay deeply. The two boys decided they were done in the creepy makeshift house but hadn't noticed Otis, Carl's other brother, had crept up behind them.

        The crowd at the Inn noticed that the cars had stopped, and some went to check what was happening. As they got close to the old general store, they heard ear-piercing screams and ran off. The rest of the crowd dissipated as the sheriff's deputy's sirens could be heard in the distance. The Pendergast family still lives inside the general store, and there are still reports of missing people in the area. Occasionally, a thrill seeker will try to enter the general store and will never be heard from again.  Getting into the old general store is easy, it's the getting out that is hell.

Groups from 4 to 10 allowed. 

Sessions will be offered exclusively and private only on Friday and Saturdays and must be booked ahead of time. This an intense and a contact experience. Please click on the Tickets link to see availability. Booking well in advance is highly encourage as time slots sell out quickly.