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*** Haunt Season is September 30th through November 6th***


Experience the most intense scavenger hunt of your life!!! You will come face to face with the spirits that still haunt this house today! You will be put on a scavenger hunt so that you can help Mr. Colton remember his loved ones that Mr. Brady nefariously tortured for 3 long days and nights.  As your group searches for these beloved long lost items, Mr. Brady is upset you are there and will not show you any mercy for interfering with his plans to bring pain to who ever comes across his path. When your group has completed the task given and you leave the house you will be guided to the newly founded path in the woods that will lead you to Mr. Brady's hideaway. Take a deep breath and prepare yourself with choosing a level of experience that your group will encounter. Choose from PG,PG13,R, or MA (MA is for 18 and older ONLY) If you want to learn more in detail about these Nefarious events that took place? please purchase our Chapbooks. they include all the details about these horrible days of torture that Mr. Brady brought upon the Colton family in 1930. They are available during check in. 

  • Price is only $20 per person
  • Group size is limited to a min of 4 to a max of 10
  • Your experience time is approx. 30 minutes
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early to check-in
  • *** PLEASE NOTE: It is imperative that your entire group arrives early to avoid lost time. Your scheduled time slot starts promptly as scheduled. If the group is over 10 Mins late we will try to reschedule your experience, however it is not guaranteed. Thank you for  understanding,  as this affects groups after your experience.